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Saint John’s Golf Course

Golf at its Finest

Three brand-new, meticulously designed Saint John’s golf courses await to challenge and entice you with their emerald fairways, lush landscapes, and century-old trees with many stories to tell. Masterfully crafted by Michigan-based designer Raymond Hearn, The Cardinal, The Little Cardinal, and The Cardinal Putting Course offer peace and precision, perfect for refining your game and elevating it to the next level.

Raymond Hearn’s
a golf course with a pond and sand bunkers

Renowned architect Raymond Hearn, a respected member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and the founder of Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc., has crafted each fairway with a meticulous eye. Drawing on his extensive expertise in landscape architecture and agronomy, and inspired by over two decades of global architectural evolution, Hearn has infused each design with technical precision and aesthetic grace. The Cardinal courses not only echo the natural beauty of Michigan but also showcase Hearn’s passion for transforming and restoring landscapes into playable works of art that honor the game's rich traditions.

a golf course with sand bunkers and water

The Cardinal Course

The crown jewel of Saint John's Resort is an exquisite championship course meticulously crafted by renowned architect Raymond Hearn. A testament to his vision, it redefines the golfing landscape of Metro Detroit. Sprawling across 200 acres of undulating terrain, each of the 18 holes presents a distinctive challenge, seamlessly integrating natural elevations, strategic wind patterns, and breathtaking scenery into the very fabric of the game. The Cardinal masterfully strikes a harmonious balance between demanding play and visual allure, captivating both seasoned competitors and recreational golfers. Notably, it stands as the first high-end public golf facility in the region to emerge in over two decades. Embodying a deep reverence for the game's rich history, The Cardinal meticulously incorporates Golden Age green contours and classic bunkering, while preserving the majesty of century-old trees.

a golf course with a pond and trees

Signature Holes

Hole 3

This stunning par-3 hole features a challenging shot over water, requiring precision and strategy. Surrounded by Michigan's natural beauty, it combines technical play with scenic views, embodying the art of golf course design.

a golf course with water fountains and trees

Signature Holes

Hole 14

This par-3 hole features a stunning shot over water, combining beauty with challenge. Precision is key to navigating its water hazard, making Hole 14 a memorable test of skill and a highlight of this course.

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Signature Holes

Hole 6

This picturesque par-4 hole offers breathtaking panoramic views that captivate and inspire. With its rolling fairways and strategic bunkering, Hole 6 presents both a visual and technical challenge, exemplifying the thoughtful design of The Cardinal course.

a golf course with a river and trees

Signature Holes

Hole 18

The grand finale, this par-4 hole features two majestic fountains in the background and a challenging uphill approach. Hole 18 combines visual splendor with a test of endurance and skill.

a golf course with a pond and trees
The Little Cardinal

The Little Cardinal is nestled within 7.5 acres of rolling parkland, offering a distinctive seven-hole short course that ranges from 44 to 112 yards, with uniquely named holes like Punchbowl, Volcano, and Postage. This course provides an array of short, engaging shots suitable for all ages and skill levels. Emphasizing accessibility and enjoyment, it features innovative synthetic turf tee boxes with a shock-absorbing rubber foundation that mimics natural grass, offering a forgiving surface for more comfortable play for beginners and seasoned golfers alike.

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The Cardinal Putting

Spanning two acres with 18 holes, The Cardinal Putting Course is a wonderland modeled after the fabled Himalayas Putting Course at St. Andrews in Scotland. This course offers endless fun with a series of humps and swales, designed to be less extreme than the original but just as thrilling. Unique in its versatility, the course can be configured in four distinct layouts, providing varied challenges that cater to all skill levels. This vibrant golf space not only enhances your game but also entertains with built-in music, scheduled live music events, and a selection of food and beverages.

a golf course with sand bunkers and trees

Course Amenities
& Highlights

  • Brand-new championship courses and putting green
  • Open to the public
  • Four-season heated trackman driving range and short-game practice
  • 100% of net profits support global charitable initiatives
  • On-site Golf Academy and clinics
  • Golf memberships and packages
  • On-site Pro Shop
  • Golf clubs available to rent
  • On-site dining at Doyle's Irish Pub
  • Resort packages